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175, Likourgou Street, 176 75 Kallithea.
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Your Compassionate Guide in Farewell

International repatriation service from any country to any destination.

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Corfu Town 1930's

About us.

Our Company «Grammenos International Worldwide Funeral Directors» was established in 1935 and 47 years later, in 1982 was taken over by the Grammenou Family. First, Konstantinos Grammenos took over the business and since 2010 his son, Loukas Grammenos, is running the family business. For 80 years, we continue to have the same philosophy. We strongly believe that a funeral is the way to show the deceased our love and wish them goodbye. We offer high quality services and we provide clear and straightforward information that enables clients to make proper choices. In addition, we pay attention to every detail, giving our clients us much time as they need. We are compassionate, respectful to every religion and caring.

Your loyal directors.

Members of FIAT-IFTA

Membes of EFFS

Psychological support

Grieving is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. The grief one is feeling is not just for the person who died, but also for the unfulfilled wishes and plans with the person. Our company cooperates with grief therapists, psychologists and counselors, who will help you deal with your grief.

We also offer...

Flower decoration

Flowers are a simple and beautiful way to create a personal tribute to the loved one who passed away.


Memorial Services are special prayer services offered for the benefit of the departed.

 Grammenos international funeral services

Corporate services

We understand the importance of organizing a funeral or a memorial.

Pet burial & cremation

A dignified and respectful way for pet owners to say their final goodbyes to their beloved animals.